people are saying

Hear what our fans think.


1. I love the Virginians!


We have a following of loyal fans. It is wonderful to see the familiar and happy faces in the audience when we perform. Many of our patrons have volunteered and brought friends to enjoy the music and fellowship and service that make the Virginians what we are.

“Every year I make sure to get tickets to the Virginians Christmas Concert. My holiday celebrations wouldn't be the same without the familiar carols.”

— Susan Goodloe


2. Their cheerful help made my life easier.


We feel strongly about giving back to the community in which we live and perform. Our chorus volunteers by doing such activities as singing at nursing homes, retirement communities, and churches as well as volunteering in other ways including assisting disabled veterans and helping with home repair projects for the elderly.

“I used to have to struggle to go up stairs to get into my house. The ramp this group built makes my life so much easier. Thank you so much.”

— Anonymous


“I have always enjoyed music and sang myself at one time. The opportunity to hear such great harmony and visit with a virginians quartet brought back wonderful memories. They even let me sing with them.”

— Retirement Home Resident


“My deck had gotten in such bad shape it was dangerous. These guys came out and restored My deck and built a ramp to help me get into and out of my house. What a gift this was."

— Wounded Veteran

Military Service Deck Build 2.jpg

3. Barbershop is a family activity.


Barbershop singing is truly a family activity. Fathers and sons sing together at practice and in competition. Our wives and daughters volunteer, and some sing in our sister harmony group, The Greater Richmond Chorus (Sweet Adelines).


My son and I enjoyed participating in a service event on a beautiful summer day. We assisted in the building of a deck and ramp for an elderly handicapped person who needed a safe way to get into and out of her home. The fellowship and camaraderie were meaningful for both of us.

— Bill Hockman

Father and Son.jpg

4. Our guests enjoy their time with us.

Solo Girl.jpg

During some of our concerts, we welcome guests of all ages, soloists, guest quartets, other choruses to sing with us.


Thank you, Virginians, for letting me sing with you. It was an amazing experience. Thank you!

-Soloist, age 8

Thank you for giving our daughter the opportunity to sing with your amazing group of singers. It was an honor for her to have this unique experience.

- Parents of Soloist